We provide a full range of cars for hire in Menorca, plus our guide to driving on Menorca.

Moto vidal

Driving information.

It is important to always carry the Hire documents, your Current Driving Licence and Passport (or copy of).

Speed limits
Please note there are two fixed speed cameras. One on the main ME1 at Mercadal [50Kph], the second on the Sant Lluis bypass, [40Kph] Plus mobile speed cameras which can be anywhere on the island. Speeding fines and points can be/are passed onto your country's driving agency.

Major roads / Dual carriageways. 90 km per hour.
Other roads 90 km per hour.
Urban streets 50 km per hour.
Residential areas 20 km per hour. [All maximum speeds unless otherwise shown]

Think! When parking, you are liable for any parking fines, and towing charges if the vehicle is towed away by the police. Do not park in front of garages or driveways, you will see a round sign.. PERMANENTE-GUAL PEMANENT.

Parking in town, the bays are outlined.
White lines... Free
Blue lines......Buy ticket
Yellow lines... No parking.

Illegal parking will result in the car being towed away. A triangle with the registration number will be left on the curb, and directions to where you can find the vehicle.

Seat belts are compulsory for all passengers. On the spot fines are imposed. Children under 12 years, must sit in the back. The number of seat belts in the car denotes the number of people the car is insured to carry.

Drink driving regulations are stricter here than in the U. K, and the police regularly place check points on the roads.

Breakdown or Accident.

In case of breakdown or accident. Safety Triangles (in car boot), must be placed 50 meters in front of and behind the car. A florescent jacket [found in the car] must be worn at at all times when you leave the car due to breakdown or accident.

If you have an accident make a note of the other car licence plate no and the drivers name/address. If they are Spanish ask for there identity card no [D.N.I]. Also note the other drivers insurance company name. If they refuse call the Guardia Civil.

If any of the passengers are injured do not move the car or injured person. Call the Guardia Civil and an ambulance.

The ambulance telephone number is 061.
Mahon Guardia Civil, Ctra. San Luis s/n telephone number is 971 36 1100.
Ciutadella: Pza. del Borne s/n telephone number is 971 38 1095.

If there are no injuries and both parties agree then there is no need to call the police. 

Always obtain the name /address of any witnesses. In the front of the vehicle there  should be a standard Spanish accident form you fill it out both parties sign and you give a copy to the other driver. Inform your insurance company / agent within two hours of any accident. Moto Vidal are the agents, our phone number [Tel: (0034) 971 36 13 05 Mobile: 629 40 13 30] will be on the contract documents.

Emergency numbers.
Emergency telephone number 112 in Menorca it is a free call 24 hours a day for Police, Fire or Ambulance English and German is spoken.
Ambulance. Tel: 112
Police Tel: 091
Fire Tel: 971 36 39 61
Tourist Office Tel: 971 36 37 90

Tel: :(0034) 971 36 01 47 Mobile 648 579 418